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With just over 2,000 people on a half square acre of land, Rankin is tiny. Yet despite its size, the borough’s reputation extends throughout the region. This is due in part to the good work of the Rankin Christian Center.

Founded in 1904 by the American Baptist Home Missionary Society, the Center was designed to serve as the heart of the borough’s civic, social, medical and spiritual needs. Originally the building included an auditorium, a gymnasium, and a space for various social services including classrooms and physician offices. In the beginning the emphasis was on eastern European immigrants who were settling in the area and would frequent the Center to take a shower and attend English language classes. As the community evolved the Center grew as well in implementing programs to address the changing needs of the Mon Valley.

Over the years the Rankin Christian Center has continued to grow as a vibrant community and human services organization. We provide a multitude of support services through the following programs.

Bingo at the Rankin Center


Mon Valley Support Coordination helps with locating, coordinating and monitoring services that improve quality and integration to establish an “Every Day Life.” This program is uniquely designed for children and adults diagnosed with an Intellectual disability and/or Autism. Advocating for social, health, safety and emotional needs while assisting the family and caregivers in navigating the social service system. We recognize that each individual and family has its own distinctive needs and dreams.  We work together concentrating on specific goals.

Seniors on the Move Program provides older adults with socialization/recreation and health and wellness programs.

Food Pantry Program distributes food to local residents who are in need.  A “Pop Up” food bank is available for the residents of Brinton Towers.

Children and Youth Programs consist of an After School Program, Summer Camp, and a mentoring program called “Youth of the Nation”.  A “Makers Space” is currently being developed concentrating on the principles of STEM including Music, Reading, Tutoring and Art.  

These programs provide a safe, nurturing environment that both stimulate and promote all youth to develop physically, spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally. The After School targets ages 6-12 and the Youth of the Nation focuses on youth ages 13-18. The After School Program utilizes APOST, STEAM and partners with the Swissvale Library. A snack and warm meal is provided daily. Summer Camp is educational, provides physical activities, exciting fieldtrips and lots of FUN! Our Youth of a Nation concentrates on life skills, community service projects and team building. All programs encourage and support the ever evolving needs to make a better tomorrow.

Fuel Assistance in partnership with the Pittsburgh Foundation, coordinates the distribution of funds for economically disadvantaged individuals and families to help pay un-met Utility Bills. Based upon economic need, area residents can sign up for this Fuel Assistance Program that is also a part of our expanded services to senior citizens

A N Minney Scholarship for decades, continues to recognize graduating seniors from the Woodland Hills High School and those who have graduated and are continuing to furthering their education. The Center has raised thousands of dollars through private donations to make these scholarships possible. 100% of all donations are passed directly to students

The Rankin Christian Center is a vibrant organization residing in a spirited and diverse community. Our staff, volunteers, and donors are the essence of the organization, without who, our great work would not be possible. Over the years our vision has remained true and our doors have remained open to the wonderful heritage we represent. As our Executive Director Darlene McGregor would say “Our Goal…Our Motto…Our Mission…Because Nice Matters.”