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Welcome to Braddock!

Our community is growing and developing in ways that will astound you. Drive down our main street, Braddock Avenue, and take in the view. You will see newly constructed residences, The Overlook and the Civic Plaza on the site of the former hospital.



Municipal Building

415 6th Street

Braddock, PA 15104

Phone: 412-271-1018

Official Website for Braddock Borough Pennsylvnania, 15104

Contact Us:

Hours: M-F 9am – 4 pm

Facebook: @BraddockBorough 

Twitter: @BraddockBoro_

Instagram: @braddockborough

Our community is growing and developing in ways that will astound you. I invite you to drive down our main street, Braddock Avenue and take in the view. You will see newly constructed residences, The Overlook, and The Civic Plaza on the site of the former hospital. Next to the residences is a new business complex that is home to the Allegheny Health Network Urgent Care facility on the second floor and office spaces on the first floor, one of which is the local office of State Representative. Five creative studios anchor the complex and will provide retail and workspace for artists and small business owners.


The town of Braddock was settled in 1755. It is named for General Edward Braddock (1695–1755). The Braddock Expedition, particularly his crossing of the Monongahela River on July 9, 1755 at this place, led to the British general’s own fatal wounding and a sound defeat of his troops who had been moving against the French at Fort Duquesne. This battle, now called the Battle of the Monongahela, was a key battle at the beginning of the French and Indian War.


Braddock’s first industrial facility, a barrel plant, opened in 1850. The borough was incorporated on June 8, 1867. The town’s industrial economy began in 1873, when Andrew Carnegie built the Edgar Thomson Steel Works on the historic site of Braddock’s Field in what is now North Braddock, Pennsylvania. This was the first steel mill using the Bessemer process in America. As of 2010, it continues operation as a part of the United States Steel Corporation. This era of the town’s history is well known from the novel Out of This Furnace by Thomas Bell.

Braddock is home to big and small, old and new, and profit and non-profit businesses and organizations not to mention healthcare and worship centers. Here’s a sampling:

Industry – US Steel, headquarters of Phillips Tank and Structure, Gray Welding & Fabrication, Gulf Materials, Josh Steel.

Non-Profits & the Arts – The very first Carnegie Library, Heritage Community Initiatives and Greater Valley Community Services, The Hollander Project/For Good Pittsburgh, The Braddock Free Store, Red Lantern Bike Shop, and the Nyia Page Community Center, The Ohringer, Braddock Farms, UnSmoke Systems Artspace.

Small business & Retail – 100+ year old Bell Supply Co, relocated Unicentric, Mele Brothers & Sisters Florists, Mann Construction, Al’s Market, A-Boss Opticians, In Division, Standard & Custom, Studebaker Metals, Toll Gate Revival, Trau & Loevner.

Restaurants & Lounges – world-renowned Superior Motors, Brassero Grill, micro-brewery Brew Gentlemen, Peppers N’At, Aunt Cheryl’s Café that, in conjunction with the United Way, served over a million meals during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Braddock Council passed a Home Rule Charter in 2020. The Council meets the second Tuesday of each month. Agenda and Minutes are posted to the Borough website. Braddock is part of PA Senatorial District 45 (Senator Jim Brewster), PA House District 34 (Representative Summer Lee, whose District office is on Braddock Avenue) and US Congressional District 18 (Congressman Mike Doyle).