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The Braddock Carnegie Library’s story is about to enter a new chapter with the renovated building. A groundbreaking event was held September 23, 2022, with many dignitaries and community members on hand.

The library doesn’t want to forget where we came from. Share your stories with them. Did you walk the stage? Did you grow up at the library? Share YOUR Library story.…/1FAIpQLScutC49UVjorE…/viewform

In attendance was Lance Chimka (Allegheny County Economic Development Director), Senator Jim Brewster (PA District 45, picture credit), Governor Tom Wolfe, Vicki Vargo (Braddock Library Director) along with other dignitaries, Braddock and North Braddock mayors, council members and staff.

In anticipation of the monumental renovation project, the library packed up and moved services to Braddock Avenue through the Summer of 2021. They have partnered with Brew Gentlemen and Braddock’s Battlefield History Center (picture credit) to host many of the auxillary events and services.

A successful $15 million campaign for a comprehensive building renovation will create: more access, sustainability, and continued evolution for the building itself and the people who engage with it. This renovation plan will yield more than just much-needed physical improvements. It will enable BCLA to fulfill its impactful social mission as a responsive, essential place of community imagination, learning, development, and enrichment for the 5 communities it serves and the entire Pittsburgh region.  The success of this campaign will be because of you!