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Bell Supply Company:  Supplying plumbing, kitchens and bathrooms since 1919.  A new EZCB Member in 2020. Bell Supply is located at 514 Corey Avenue, Braddock, PA  15104 and can be reached at 412-351-0454,

BELL SUPPLY CO  was started in 1919 as Miele Plumbing and Heating by Vito Miele.  From a successful plumbing business, the supply end of the business was born.  In 1949 it was decided the supply portion of the business would have an official name:  

We have been on Corey Avenue in Braddock since 1919

BELL SUPPLY CO has aligned itself with the top manufacturers in the Plumbing and Kitchen / Bathroom industry.  With over a 20,000 sq foot warehouse, we stock a wide variety of material that may surprise you.  Did you know we stocked enough kitchen cabinets to supply you with a kitchen on the spot? 

We consider ourselves lucky to have some of the best and most skilled customers in Pittsburgh.  BELL SUPPLY CO values our employees very much, and without them, there is no company.  Everyone, top to bottom, including you our customer, make BELL SUPPLY CO what we are.  

We supply professional contractors, property managers, and homeowners. 

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